On The Same Page

On The Same Page
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By: Pinchas Winston
Length: 250 pages

On an everyday level, current international conflicts seem to have little to do with ancient world history.

Little could be further from the truth,
and understanding why and how is crucial to resolving them before they
bring the world to the brink of catastrophe—again.



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“NOW THAT WE’RE ON the same page . . .”
is a Western expression that means that at least two people share a common perspective on a particular matter,
when previously they hadn’t.

How they got to that point can vary from situation to situation,
but the result is always the same: a common perception of reality.

Unfortunately, it is not so common.

To be alive means to be part of reality, but it does not necessarily mean to understand it.

Reality is deceiving, like a painting whose picture does not reveal all that is behind each and every brushstroke.

Every moment of history is a composite of many factors,
and the more one can recognize what those factors are, no small task,
the more accurate his or her perception of reality will be.

It is perception that binds us or divides us.

It is the source of unity or it is the source of disaccord.

Perception can result in either great acts of kindness to others,
or it can lead to the deadliest of wars.

Ultimately, it is our perception that determines what kind of portion we will receive in eternity,
if any at all.

Sometimes our perceptions, even if inaccurate, are not so dangerous.

For society to function relatively smoothly,
there is a minimal amount of common perception to which an individual has to subscribe.

Beyond that, everyone is “entitled” to their opinion.

However, at other times, perception of reality makes all the difference in the world.

There are periods in life and history when our inaccurate perceptions can leave us blind to
realities and impending disasters, and only after the fact, when it is too late to make amends,
do we realize how we took for granted aspects of daily life that meant more to us than we thought at the time.

Like now.

Today we are living in less-than-simple times.

There may be relative calm for the moment,
but there are storm clouds on the horizon,
threatening dramatic, very dramatic changes in history, both for good, and unfortunately,
for bad as well. And, the amazing thing is how divided the world is on what is happening,
and what may be about to occur.

As always,
there are people frantically blowing whistles to catch the attention of as many people as possible
who might be able to help avoid catastrophe.

And then, there are masses of people who are oblivious to what is going on in the world,
and deal with life no differently than they did about 20 years ago,
when the international waters were still quite calm.

Most startlingly of all is how,
if you play close attention,
the events of today and the nations who are causing them,
seem to be fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

It’s as if you can open Tanach,
read about the earliest historical roots of today’s major nations,
and see how they have fulfilled their destinies.

It’s as if you have to open Tanach and read what is there just to put into perspective what is happening today,
because nothing else seems to be able to make sense of the direction history seems to be taking.

In fact, history is so true to ancient prophecy that even for a believer,
it is hard to accept.

However, that is also due in part to a perception problem,
since modern “clothing” conceals the ancient basis of current events.

It is difficult to grasp, at least emotionally,
how modern characters today, taking advantage of modern technology,
can really just be fulfilling ancient agendas.

It is difficult to realize how only the names and means have changed,
not the plans or the drives of the Biblical nations.

If the Jewish people have difficulty seeing themselves as the fulfillment of the prophecies told to their ancestors,
how can they possibly see how the other nations around them are really the same as well?

Eisav, the twin brother of Ya’akov Avinu, the father of the Nation of Edom,
is divided into three major powers: Russia, Europe, and America, each, as will be shown,
matching a different aspect of Eisav’s personality.

Yishmael has grown into the prophecy about who he is and what he will be like,
while Persia wears the clothing of present-day Iran,
and the Erev Rav—the Mixed Multitude—as the Arizal revealed would be the case,
haunts the “House of Israel.”

To the average onlooker,
it is modern-day needs, wants,
and politics that drive the nations of the world to behave as they do and make the decisions they make.

However, that is only a perception.

Another way of looking at it is that it is their biblically-rooted personalities that push them in the directions they go,
even if they are not conscious of this, and the events,
engineered by Heaven, merely channel their actions and reactions,
in order for history, and specifically the Jewish people,
to reach their goal by a certain date in time.

And all of it is happening right before our very eyes,
ancient prophecies coming true in modern times.

Hard to believe?

Read on.

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