The Fabric of Reality

The Fabric of Reality
PDF Version
By: Pinchas Winston
Length: 66 pages

Reality seems so obvious. What you see is what you get, right? Not necessarily, according to recent findings. The implications are extremely important to understand and utilize to get life right—the FIRST time.


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It is not, however,
meant only for the Torah community.

In fact,
it is not even meant only for the Jewish people.

It is meant for anyone wishing to have a better understanding of the world today,
and its impact on mankind.

Granted that the language of the book adheres to traditional Jewish transliterations and phraseology,
necessitating a footnote for those unfamiliar with either or both. The ideas,
are universal,
and therefore apply to everyone,
at least on some level.

Though some areas of Torah study are specific to the Jewish people,
the Torah addresses the purpose of Creation for all of mankind.

Its philosophy of life applies to every individual on one level or another.

This is what the Jewish people were supposed to have shared with the world.

This is what being a “light unto nations” actually means.

Once upon a time few questioned the “fabric” of reality.

The dangers to survival were many,
constant, and real enough.

People then did not have the time,
or resources to ponder such deep philosophical questions,
if they even asked them at all.

As man’s understanding of himself and his world increased,
many assumptions about life fell to the way-side.

He still had to worry about survival,
especially during turbulent times of national conquest.

increased self-awareness and historical imperatives made certain philosophical issues impossible to avoid.

Science and technology have accelerated the process of self-understanding,
especially in recent times.

They have allowed man to peer into areas of the universe,
in one direction beyond our solar system, and in the other direction,
into the sub-atomic world.

The findings have been spectacular and extremely informative.

one of the greatest break-throughs has been with respect to the human brain.

The research is still in its nascent state,
but already it has yielded insights into how man deduces the world around him,
and what that means about reality.

One thing is for certain.

The vast majority of the world’s population has little or no inkling about
the true nature of reality.

They make assumptions about the world in which they daily live and function
that are at best inaccurate, and at worst, wrong.

This book is a look at some of these ideas and their historic implications.

It is also a warning to get with the program before the program gets you,
as it has to so many for so long now,
and promises to do even more so in the coming years.

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