All of them will leave you dazzled about just how different life is beyond what we see, and better informed about personal rectification and upcom-ing history. You’ll never be the same again—for the better.

It began in 2004 with a Hardcover En-glish translation of Sha’ar HaGilgulim, the Arizal’s quintessential work on the topic of reincarnation. It’s also available in PDF (with original Hebrew text) and Kindle (without original Hebrew text) formats. Then came a brief, user-friend-ly overview in Soft-cover format, “Just Passing Through.” Years later, funda-mentals of reincarnation were organ-

ized into 15 sessions called exactly this,  “Fund-amentals of Reincarnation,” offered also as an online course through Juniversity. Around the same time, an even briefer, point-by-point overview of some key points about reincarnation were published in, “Reincarnation Clarified,” and also became a novel titled, “What Goes Around.”