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    “Bring the men into the house and [give orders] to slaughter an animal and to prepare, because the men will eat with me at lunch.” (Bereishis 43:16) AS PREDICTED THE food ran out. As predicted, Yosef’s 10 brothers who had kidnapped him had returned to Egypt for more. And, as demanded by the…


THERE IS SOMETHING pleasing about walking into a clean and orderly room. It is certainly a lot nicer than entering a messy room. Pleasant people, and especially POLITE people, are not only enjoyable to be around, they draw others toward them. People will go out of their way to be in the presence of such…

818 Parshat Noach

Once Revealed, Twice Concealed, Chapter 4. TRUE OR FALSE: a candle burns brightest in the dark? The answer is, from the candle’s point of view, no. It burns the same way in the light as it does in the dark. From a person’s point of view, yes, because as the only source of light, it…

Banner for Parshat Hashavua

 Ya’akov awoke out of his sleep and said: “Surely God is in this place and I did not know it!” (Bereishis 28:16) YA’AKOV AVINU WAS forced to quickly leave town after taking Eisav’s blessings. Eisav may have hidden his hatred from everyone around him, but the Torah tells us that he was bent on revenge….

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