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Once Revealed, Twice Concealed

PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 158 pages ISBN-13: 978-1973345930

Kabbalah speaks about an incredibly powerful and intense spiritual light that exists in Creation. The only problem is that is hidden, accessible only at certain times, in certain ways, and by certain people. It's there. A person just has to know how to find it, and once they do life is never the same again. It's incredibly more meaningful.



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Just Passing Through

PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 178 pages

The Torah, Kabbalistic view on reincarnation and its impact on daily life and history in general.

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Reincarnation Clarified

Reincarnation Clarified PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 100 pages

A classic work when it comes to the topic of reincarnation is the Arizal’s, “Sha’ar HaGilgulim,” the “Gate of Reincarnations.” Filled with fundamental ideas about personal rectification and the role reincarnation plays in the process, it is still quite inaccessible to many. This “short” book provides unique unprecedented access to many of those ideas, making personal rectification possible like never before.

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It’s About Time

It's About Time PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 146 pages

Is Time an enemy or an ally? It all depends upon your understanding of life, and whether or not it has a purpose other than survival and physical pleasure. With the right perspective on life, a person can learn to harness Time to their advantage, becoming its master along the way.

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Fundamentals of Reincarnation

Fundamentals of Reincarnation PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 218 pages

Sha'ar HaGilgulim, or Gate of Reincarnations, is one of the most authoritative works on reincarnation. It is based directly on the teachings of the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, and contains countless principles about personal rectification vis-a-vis reincarnation. This course is a summary of many of those ideas in a language that is accessible even to a person with little Torah background.

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Be Positive

Be Positive PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 182 pages

This is Judaism's response to the movie 'The Secret,' revealing which parts are accepted tradition, and going even further with the help of a Kabbalistic understanding of how God runs His world and our role within it.

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The Fabric of Reality

The Fabric of Reality PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 66 pages

Reality seems so obvious. What you see is what you get, right? Not necessarily, according to recent findings. The implications are extremely important to understand and utilize to get life right—the FIRST time.

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All About Energy

All About Energy PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 110 pages

Energy flows through all of Creation. It is the life force of all that exists, even though we know so little about it in essence. We have been clever enough to harness some of that energy to make life more convenient, but it is a fraction of what is there to be used, especially on a personal level. This book aims to change that.

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Need to Know

PDF Version By: Pinchas Winston Length: 144 pages

There are basically two approaches to history. The first is history is random with no set purpose. All that occurs is basically natural or mere coincidence. The second is history is Divinely-orchestrated, and EVERYTHING has meaning and teaches man something. The first approach throws caution to the wind, especially at this late stage of history and given the prophecies concerning the End Times. The second approach is wise, and the basis of this book.

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