What In Heaven

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By: Pinchas Winston
Length: 144 pages

Life is a struggle.
Maybe not for everyone, but for a lot of people.
For people who do not believe in God, it is what it is.
For those who do, they wonder why they have to go through such adversity.
They wonder what in Heaven God wants from them, and what they can do to turn the situation around.
Read this book and find out.


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Dear God, I’m sitting here wondering what in Heaven you want from me.
My life is not working out right now the way I need it to.

It’s not from a lack of trying, mind you.

I’m trying. I’m trying hard.

we have this job, which not only does not pay enough, I don’t even like it.

I tried another job before that and it was worse.

I might not care that much, but You see, I have this wife and children to support, and I’m falling short.

Honestly, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life, what I’m MEANT to do with my life.

we know that the situation can always be more difficult, but I don’t find that consoling,
especially when I am surrounded by people doing a lot better.

I worry when I wake up in the morning and worry when I go to bed at night.

also constantly worry in-between these two times.

if I think I even worry in my dreams when I sleep at night! I know You are listening.

I also know that You can do anything You choose to do, which means You are choosing to keep me down like this.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that I consider myself worthy of anything, even when I try and do right by You. It’s just that . . .

WHAT IS THE MOST important goal in life?

You might say that the answer depends upon whom you ask, but it really doesn’t.

Contrary to what many may think, every single person, all 7.4 billion of them on Planet Earth,
has the exact same goal.

People only differ with respect to the best means to achieve that goal.

So what is it?

Contentment. Everyone wants to be content, because we were hardwired to be that way.
It even takes more muscles to frown, which means more resistance, and everything goes wrong in a
person’s life and society as a whole when contentment becomes elusive.

People go to extremes just to be content.

This is the secret of life, and everyone knows it.

Everyone knows that the person who has mastered contentment has mastered life.

He’s got it made.

It won’t make a difference what he owns or what he lacks, what goes his way or what works against him.

If he can maintain his sense of contentment, he will be like a tree that does not bend even in a strong wind.

Funny, though, how something can be so obvious and yet so elusive.

You’d think that such a well known secret would be no secret at all.

You’d think that it would be the basis of everyday life for just about everyone.

You would think that society would be founded on such an idea, and that it would be the most popular and available commodity.

Yet, contentment is rarer than gold.

There are a lot of people in the world, and very few of them have lasting contentment, if any at all.

It doesn’t make a difference whether the person is rich or poor, white or black, young or old,
but most live from day-to-day without any real sense of contentment.

It almost seems like a cruel joke.

We didn’t ask to be created, but here we are anyhow.

All of us had no say in how we were made, so our drive for contentment is something that is imposed upon us.

Being miserable as a means to achieving personal completion was not an option we were offered.

We have no choice but to become content if we want to happy and feel whole.

Fine. But then we were put into a world that is not always so contentment-friendly.

In fact, so many times this world of ours seems dead set against letting us achieve or maintain contentment.

It seems so anti-contentment that it can qualify as an “enemy” much of the time.

It might not be SO frustrating if God wasn’t CEO and capable of helping us through all of it.

If He would only play the role of ally instead of collaborator, we might at least feel hopeful.

But hey, it’s HIS world, and everything that stands between us and contentment takes its orders from HIM.

If you can’t rely upon God to help, to whom else can a person turn?

So, I repeat, what in Heaven do you want from me?

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