Torah Empowerment Seminar

Torah Empowerment Seminar: Inspiration & Motivation Through the Genius of Torah 
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By: Pinchas Winston
Length: 115 pages

This is a book that has been designed to inspire and motivate a person to strive for personal greatness and empowerment based upon the wisdom of Torah, especially in light of recent findings by Quantum Physicists.



Torah Empowerment Seminar – By Pinchas Winston

FOR MANY, TORAH IS primarily a code of morality, designed to encourage a spiritually-inclined lifestyle. It expects subjugation to its system of mitzvos and loyalty to God. In short, it is designed to make good “soldiers.”

Such people do not associate Torah with empowerment, inspiration, or increased motivation. They do not understand how Torah is deeper than any human mind can fathom, and that this depth explains the entire universe, what we can see and what we cannot. They do not appreciate that Torah holds the secret to self-actualization in the most meaningful way possible.

The system is called “Pardes.”

The Hebrew word itself only means “orchard,” but something far more profound as the acronym for the four Hebrew words:Pshat, Remez, Drush, and Sod. Literally, the names mean: Simple, Hint, Exegesis, and Secret, and refers to four levels of Torah learning: Mikrah, Mishnah, Talmud, and Kabbalah.

Knowledge is power. Pardes is access to the most powerful knowledge available to man. Knowledge empowers. Pardes is an integrated system of such knowledge, the mastering of which results in tremendous personal empowerment and on-going inspiration.

THE GOAL OF THIS seminar is to inspire and motivate. As the blueprint for Creation, Torah, vis-à-vis “Pardes,” relates a wealth of information about Creation, life, and history.

The realization of this is extremely uplifting. Harnessing it is life-altering, and truly empowering on a daily basis. The material will provide a unique understanding of the Torah system, and how to utilize it. It will teach how to personally advance one’s understanding of Creation and life.

It will become clear why Pardes is crucial for personal harmony and continuous peace of mind.

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  • Intro - 1
    For many, Torah is primarilya code ofmorality, to encourage a spiritually-inclined lifestyle
  • Fabric of Reality - 9
    Creation is not a fixed reality and can be built by human will.
  • Negative Energy - 17
    It is negative energy that prevents people from building their ideal reality
  • Nothing New - 21
    The material is not new, just more relatable because of societal advancements
  • Interconnectivity - 25
    What is Pardes? What are the sefiros? How is this interconnected with the soul?
  • Empowerment - 37
    Knowledge is power. Power plus will equals will power. Becoming great.
  • Impactful - 41
    The undercurrent of history. How Pardes impacts history. How to impact Pardes.
  • Pardes Timelines - 49
    Timelines thatshow historyfrom a Pardes pointof view and the implications.
  • Will Story - 51
    This is a true story about how a person’s will can dictate a remarkable outcome of events.
  • Ideas To Know - 57
    This is a list of concepts on different levels of Pardes that should inspire and motivate.
  • Ideal Equation - 79
    Can one change the past? Perhaps, if one comes to recognize in the Present what needs to be fixed.
  • Light Years - 85
    What physicists are coming to realize is something always built into Creation and Kabbalah.
  • Essential Ratzon - 89
    Which will is the one that Heaven uses when constructing a person’s reality?
  • Inspired Heroism - 95
    Some inspirations are automatic, whereas others have to be created.
  • Inspire Control - 99
    True inspiration comes from the soul, which can have difficulty communicating with the body.
  • Visibly Involved - 105
    Sometimes for the sake of history God works in a more overt manner.
  • Seminar Info - 111
    Information regarding the arranging of a seminar and joining the webinar.


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.