Not Just Another Scenario, 2

Not Just Another Scenario #2
PDF Version
By: Pinchas Winston
Length: 353 pages

THE TALMUD TELLS us that we are supposed to anticipate the Final Redemption.
The rabbis teach us to await Moshiach’s arrival on a daily basis.
But life can be very distracting for the Jew.
In bad times, we live in fear for our lives. In good times, we tend to enjoy ourselves too much, and cease to yearn for Yemos HaMoshiach—the Messianic Era.
And, a string of false messiahs throughout history have intimidated some from even speaking about the topic, a dangerous approach, especially so late in history.
Like NJAS 1, this book is meant to help readers to appreciate how the events of current history can lead to the Messianic Era, and inspire them to yearn for it.


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Not Just Another Scenario, 2 – By Pinchas Winston

The first version of “Not Just Another Scenario” sold out twice. It was written in response to other Moshiach novels published at that time which were more imagination than traditionally sourced. NJAS was a fiction, but it was based on authoritative sources and current historical fact. And, when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, it seemed more real than fiction. Not Just Another Scenario 2 is the same kind of book, except that the storyline has changed to keep current with the events of the day.

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