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AS PREDICTED THE food ran out. As predicted, Yosef’s 10 brothers who had kidnapped him had returned to Egypt for more. And, as demanded by the viceroy of Egypt, they had returned with the 12th brother, Binyomin.

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Parashas Vayaishev, Issue #825   Once Revealed, Twice Concealed, Chapter 4. TRUE OR FALSE: a candle burns brightest in the dark? The answer is, from the candle’s point of view, no. It burns the same way in the light as it does in the dark. From a person’s point of view, yes, because as the…

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Parashas Vayaitzai, Issue #823   YA’AKOV AVINU WAS forced to quickly leave town after taking Eisav’s blessings. Eisav may have hidden his hatred from everyone around him, but the Torah tells us that he was bent on revenge. Rivka got wind of this and promptly sent Ya’akov packing to her brother Lavan in Padan Aram….

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Parashas Toldos, Issue #822   YITZCHAK WAS THE Gadol HaDor, the leading Torah scholar of his generation. He was the heir of Avraham’s spiritual dynasty, the one expected to keep burning the fire his father ignited. He was also a prophet, special to God because of the Akeidah. And he loved Eisav, and MORE than…

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Think about it for a moment. God is infinite. Do we even know what that means? His thoughts and plans in- corporate much more than we’ll ever know or relate to. His Essence is so beyond us that we can’t even talk about it without becoming guilty of idol worship on some level. His perfection is beyond any concept of perfection that even the greatest human kind can comprehend. And we think we have the wherewithal to understand history?



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