Parashas Tetzaveh-Zachor, Issue #836‏ – By Rabbi Pinchas Winston Make holy garments for Aharon, your brother, for glory and for splendor. (Shemos 28:2) THERE ARE MANY ways to describe the purpose of Creation. However, they all come down to a single idea: If you analyze the days of old which preceded you, from…


WE ARE NOW in the Purim mode. Last week was Parashas Shekalim, the first of the four special Maftirs read at this time of year, two before Purim and two after. I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about Pesach cleaning. I’m older and my kids have moved out. I work slower and things seem to take a lot longer to do than they used to. I’m ALREADY strategizing.


Parashas Mishpatim-Shekalim, Issue #834 – By Pinchas Winston And these are the ordinances that you shall set before them. (Shemos 21:1) IF YOU WANT to get a taste of what they learn in yeshiva, read all the Rashi’s in this week’s parsha. There is a lot of Talmudic commentary on the first two aliyos alone….

833 Yisro Page By Pinchas Winston

TORAH HAS BEEN called by the Talmud itself an “elixir of life” and an “elixir of death.” We’ve explained many times what determines which it will be for the person learning it. Derech Eretz, literally the “Way of the Land,” is the key because, in this context, it means good character traits such as humility, appreciation, truth-seeker, etc.

Parashas Beshallach, Issue #841 – By Pinchas Winston

WHEN ESTHER ENGINEERED the downfall of Haman, she did it in two feasts. She didn’t try to take him down in ONE because she saw that he was on the rise at the time. God hates evil people, and you can be sure He did NOT care for Haman at all. But, history takes precedence, and sometimes, for reasons known only to God, evil has to go UP before it can go DOWN. 



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