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Perceptions is an essay on the weekly Torah portion that uses the wisdom of the past to better understand the is-sues of the present to better prepare for the future. The first issue was back in 1993, and a year’s worth was later published by the OU and ArtScroll. For many, Percept-ions has become an indispen-sible part of Shabbos.

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Connecting the Dots does exactly that. Focussing on current issues and concerns, the essay usually analyzes and explains them in a Torah context, often using Kabbalah to put matters in a Torah perspective. History can be very confusing, and CTD tries to unravel the mystery and make the events of today more meaningful.

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A major component of is all the books, videos, and audio presentations pro-duced over the years. Most are available in either book, PDF, or audio formats through the Online Book-store, and in Kindle format through Amazon. It cost nothing to look around, and you’ll be surprised how many topics are discussed.

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Perceptions is available weekly through, and as part of a booklet sent each week to those who have joined the mailing list. It is accompanied by the Connecting the Dots of that week, and other information pertaining to the Online Store. To join the list, click here.